Mon Ami style since 1974

Since 1974 Mon Ami has been at the forefront of an ever-changing world of fashion, where trends come and go like fleeting whispers, there is something truly remarkable about style that never fades. In the enduring allure of fashion, the artistry that transcends time, and the evolution of self-expression.

Throughout our fifty year history, fashion has evolved, adapting to the shifting tides of society and culture. Yet, amidst the ebb and flow of trends, there are certain elements that remain constant.

Style is an expression of our unique essence, a celebration of our personal journey, a form of self-care; a way of honoring ourselves and embracing our individuality.



A message from the founder, Maria Cirocco.

"When the opportunity arose for two business savvy women with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, they took the chance and a small suburban boutique was born. It was March 1974 when the two co-workers opened the first Boutique Mon-Ami at Newton.

The partnership lasted only a few months but the boutique continued with Maria and grew quickly. The small shop soon needed to expand its premises, so an upstairs area was acquired where only the highest quality labels were housed.

After several successful years it was clear that more locations were needed to appease the demand from young ladies to Mother of the Bride and beyond. Women were able to shop with confidence knowing every aspect of their outfit would be taken care of.

Incorporating accessories, under garments and even on-site alterations all added to the experience of allowing the customer to feel like a princess for a formal occasion or to simply shine at a casual event.

Every location flourished with the many social gatherings offered in the 1970’s then well into the 2000’s. In 2020 the Boutique Mon Ami legacy continues as a family business, with Christine and Josie taking over operatons and launching onto the international spectrum of on-line shopping.

It has remained vibrant and on-trend for the next generation to experience.
Glamourous evening wear to eye-catching and comfortable smart casual, the choices are almost endless.

The Boutique Mon Ami name and brand still provides its quality and unique customer service which explains why it is still a favoured place to shop.
Whether it be on-line or the more personal experience of going in store."

Maria Cirocco
Founder in 1974, inspiration forever 💖